September 28, 2014
What do fly fishing guides do when they’re on vacation?

Hello everyone, from the amazingly spectacular and brilliantly gorgeous fall light of Colorado.  I flew up here after my office catch-up to spend some long overdue time engaged in R&R with Doctor Tweed, and we wasted no time at all in getting to it.  After picking me up from the airport he drove straight out into the middle of nowhere, and in short order we were carrying big heavy backpacks into country we had never before seen in search of Cutthroats.  A few people questioned my motives when I expressed the desire to follow this particular plan having just returned from Russia and with an impending departure for India, as though Colorado and the fish that live here might somehow be considered passé, a been there done that, or something silly I was simply wasting time on between more serious endeavors.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.  It has been years since I last saw this incredible light as the trees of the Rockies change color and the face of autumn descends upon their forests, but once you’ve experienced it the feeling of the thing sticks with you, and no matter where in the world you find yourself in September you will think of it, and wish that you were there.  So, I’m here.  And it is beautiful.  Plus there are fish.