April 9, 2012
Well,… it is April


Hey everybody; just in for a day at the keyboard between oar-strokes, so to speak, and thought I would share a few photos from my recent time on the water with a really enjoyable couple from Montana. 


The weather was quite nice for the first week or so of their trip, but I could see from the light in the mornings that fall was upon us.  I didn’t think winter was quite ready to chase them down from the North though, which is exactly what happened our last day out!  Alas, it’s Patagonia.  Sometimes we have all four seasons in an hour. 

Late Season Flyfishing Rio Pico 

What a wonderful trip though; I swear sometimes my job just doesn’t feel the least bit like work, and I wonder if that’s ok. Anyway – here’s to hoping it is!

Apart from that there’s not too much to report from the southern hemisphere, at least not my neighborhood of it.  Everybody write me a line or two when you have the chance; I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.  And yes, I can see that I need a haircut.

Women Fly Fishing Patagonia




“Life is an odd duck.  I have never understood the weather there.”                                                                      ~Ted Leeson – Inventing Montana


Rio Corcovado Brook Trout Fishing