December 3, 2007

I was able to get my Argentine fishing license this afternoon, a funny process. You have to bring in two pictures of yourself that they cut out and affix to the license, and it cost me 300 pesos! But that lasts until the end of the season so I guess I can't complain. A one day license is ten bucks US.  So tomorrow I am headed out! I will be walking up Route 3 towards Rio Grande until I cross a river that looks like something I might be interested in. Then I will turn. I bought a bunch of groceries, though have been a bit discouraged with what has been available for purchase. I have a feeling that everything will be much different once I am out of Ushuaia. It is a wonderful little city but definitely very touristy. I am ready to go for sure. Of course who knows what kind of time I will make; I already have blisters from my walk up the mountain and the pack is feeling quite heavy.  Good news is, my friends here tell me that almost none of the land between Ushuaia and Rio Grande is posted, so I should be able to just stop and camp or fish anywhere I want. Hope everyone is well - Justin