December 16, 2007
Torres del Paine

I have been in Torres Del Paine National Park for several days now. What an incredible place. I am camped on the Rio Serrano, which oddly enough, is full of king and coho salmon right now! I have yet to catch one of these monsters, but have seen several and have had crushing missed hits from a few. I did catch this nice sea-run brown though, an honestly measured twenty-six inches, and another smaller, non sea-run brown, which I ate. I have no idea what the big one weighed, only his length. The river is so clear that half the time when you step off the bank into what you think is six inches of water it turns out to be four feet deep. I am planning on either moving further into the interior of the park or heading back out onto the road tomorrow, salmon or no. I am in good health, though hungry all the time. Not sure where I am headed next, but will try to keep updates coming regularly. I miss you all, and all the more with Christmas coming up so quickly. Be good.