April 28, 2008
Tent Repair and a small dog named Pascho

Hey Folks - not too much to report; I am gearing up to move on. I have acquired a little dog - Pascho. The leaves have turned amazing colors and the light is beautiful during the few hours each day that the weather is nice. Went to a panel discussion on the development and awareness of world heritage sites hosted by some South Africans at at the local community history center. Got into a long, heated debate over who owns the Falklands (they are still shown even on newly printed maps here as being under Argentine control). Acquired a black turtle neck sweater -??? And - I have repaired my tent. This basically involved sawing off the mangled sections on either side of the pole breaks with the file on my Leatherman tool and inserting an appropriately sized fiberglass dowel into the holes to splice them back together, then duct taping all of the rips in the canopy and rain fly. It looks pretty funny, and when it is all packed up and in the bag on the backpack one of the poles that had to be spliced at the connection sticks way out to the side but it ought to work well enough for what little time I have left. We'll see. Of course the last few days here have been blessed with a renewed mixture of ever changing wintry precipitation, so, well, that's good right? One of the neat things about this little town is that it has a restaurant that specializes in Italian food. Oddly, it is the best Italian food I have ever eaten in my life. I can see the look on Charles' face from here. Not much else, will report back when I can from the road once the sun is again rising on my right and setting on my left. Be good everyone.