January 29, 2014
Still a few spots open for Kamchatka Fly-Ins

I know, it’s early – but the calendar is filling in fast!  I’m on my way to the Bahamas at the moment, but since I’m scheduled to guide at one point or another this year in every single hemisphere of the Earth (not an exaggeration), it is probably worth mentioning that my Kamchatka schedule is filling in faster than I thought.  I’ll be up there this summer starting early July, and guiding wilderness float trips through mid-September.  The setup for these is with tent-camps, but very comfortable, and the fishing is nothing short of spectacular.  Mouse patterns over lots of big hungry rainbows is the order of the day for this program, and it promises to be an experience none of us will ever forget.  Email me now for pricing and details, and let’s go fish Kamchatka!

*Photos courtesy of The Fly Shop