March 2, 2008
Somewhere in Chile

I am in Chile, somewhere north of Coyhaique. Spent last night on a river that was so much like the lower Etowah in appearance and feel that I would not have been the least bit surprised to have come around a bend and found myself on Dupree's land. The boots are working out alright, though I do have blisters from the breaking in process. Last night two very nice fellows from the Chilean military fished with me and then hung out for a bit in camp, and one of them, Julio, returned this morning to fish the Simpson with me. We started at dawn and had a really wonderful day catching nice rainbows and browns, like the one Julio is pictured with here. Still headed north towards those brookies. Received an update on Justin Elliott. As it turns out the bleed was not caused by an aneurism or AVM, but by a malignant brain tumor. The doctors at Emory have operated and were able to remove 90% of it; they are hoping to treat the balance with chemo and radiation. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.