November 7, 2009
Settled in Rio Pico – Snow

Hi Everyone!  Ana and I have settled in to our new home in Rio Pico, unpacked and painted, organized the house and set up the shop; today it was time to go fishing!  It was also apparently time for us to get a foot or so of spring snow.  I started the day out in decent weather on Lago 1 and got into the brown trout pretty good on my “Green Giant” streamers, but by the time I switched locations and put the float tube in up on Lago La Isla the bottom had fallen out. I caught a couple of nice rainbows and then lost all feeling in my hands as the water from my stripping did its best to freeze them to the line as I pulled it from the lake.  On the way home it seemed as though even the gauchos and their dogs had been caught a bit off guard by the front, and I was one happy fly fisherman when I peeled my waders off in the foyer and Ana handed me a freshly poured Mate at the door.