May 24, 2008
Santiago Chile, deaf

I made it into Santiago this evening just before dark. I don't have anything nice to ay about it; so I will take my grandmother's advice and not say anything at all. The mountains were of course their usual, incredible selves, and some of the wine country that I passed through to the North of here before encountering the city was very nice too. I am doing fine other than having lost my hearing again, presumably as a result of the altitude exposure coming over the "pass" to get here from Argentina. I can hear a distant sort of blah, blurgh, blab, blub when people are talking to me, but for the most part have to try and read their lips if I want to actually understand any of what they are saying. This is easier than it sounds believe it or not, even in a second language. As of now I will assume that the problem is temporary, as it has been the other two times in the past that it has happened, and that I will be able to hear again in a few days. So... my flight leaves tomorrow at 8:30pm local time, and in theory I will be in Atlanta early Monday morning. That should be interesting. I will look forward to seeing you all very shortly thereafter.