February 9, 2010
Road trip to Chile

Just got back into Rio Pico after a long and thoroughly enjoyable road-trip with Ray and Laurie Hamilton of Stamford, Connecticut. The route started in Bariloche and took us all the way down La Ruta 40 to Cueva de Las Manos in Santa Cruz province, then across the southern shore of Lago Buenos Aires into Los Antiguos, across the border to Chile Chico, all the way south along the Carretera Austral to Caleta Tortel, and then finally back up the spine of the Andes to Coyhaique. It was a lot of miles (or rather, kilometers) beneath the wheels, but they were worth it; we saw incredible country and enjoyed awesome company and food all along the route. The weather was a bit off throughout the Chilean portion of the trip, with rain at some point or another almost every day, but that made for some spectacular waterfall viewing so in the end it was a mix of blessing and curse.  Trout were caught, sights were seen, elusive Huemul deer stalked and photographed, birds identified, vestiges of ancient indigenous cultures analyzed and photographed, food, wine, and local beers savored, and by all accounts a good time enjoyed throughout the trip.