January 18, 2010
Rio Corcovado, x2

Ran the Corcovado River twice this last week looking for big brown trout and maybe a stray salmon or two amongst the rapids; water levels are still very high and the ride is pretty wild.  The first trip saw Zach Otte in the bow, a fellow who works the Corcovado as a rafting guide for EPA, a local tourism company.  He threw big streamers at and under the sauses all the way down, landing seven decent browns and getting broken off by two monsters.  Zach is a very efficient fly fisherman who puts his fly in the right water almost all the time with very minimal false-casting, and was a pleasure to row for.  The second trip was with Colin McCrossin, a salmon guide from Alaska who spends at least six months of every year fly fishing in Patagonia. Colin tried casting smaller streamers on a floating line with little success in the high water, but made up for it when he switched to a small black foam beetle and hooked four nice risers in row.  Ana took the stern seat on both trips and had a good time hanging on through the drops.