October 10, 2007
Patagonia – here goes nuthin’

Well folks, I have purchased my tickets, so I guess I really am going to Patagonia. I will be leaving on November 30th, scheduled to return May 25th. I will be connecting through Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, then walking from there to Santiago over the period of my stay. Anyone who wishes to lay eyes or hands on me one last time before I leave can come to the McBride's cabin on Turniptown Creek the afternoon of Saturday, November 17th for a pre-Thanksgiving cookout. Bring some food (covered dish) or some beer. Fly fisherman among you feel free to bring any flies that you would like to have tested on Patagonian trout; I will return with detailed records of their effectiveness or lack thereof. I will also be looking to collect spare change from vehicle ashtrays and sage advice from seldom used areas of otherwise perfectly good minds. If you need directions just drop me an email or give me a call. I look forward to seeing any of you who can make it there.