August 21, 2013
Packing the Bags, in August Snow

Winter in PatagoniaHi Everyone!  Well, I'm fittin' to hit the road, as they say up in the state I am from.  A state I haven't seen or set foot in now for three whole years.  Started packing last night as the snow began to fall, and neither activity has found a point of cessation as of yet.  Negra has been outside chasing quail and hares all morning but I am too close to departure for a hunt, so a few pictures will just have to do.  I've got some business to take care of on the way North, and so will not actually be arriving until September 3rd, but everyone please look me up when you can between then and the end of October.  I look forward to seeing you all soon!

“It’s a waste of time?"       “Nay, time cannot be wasted, only poorly spent.”