March 31, 2011
On the water almost every day since the last post

Hey everybody - whew! Sorry, yet again, for how long it's been since my last update. We've had clients in hand more or less non-stop since the first of the year, and while we've been having a great time with them out on the water and in front of the fire at the lodge, there just hasn't really been any chance for me to get into town and get online. And we're not done yet! I've got a bit of a break coming up in April which I'll be using to explore some unknown water and also try my new tube flies out at Boca Camp on Vintter with Paulino and the gang. Then we've got still more nice folks coming down to thumb their noses at the "economic downturn" rhetoric up there in North America while they have  loads of fun catching beautiful huge wild trout in Argentine Patagonia, where we have practically no economy whatsoever, and don't care to. I'd like to express my very sincere thanks to all the great anglers and travelers that have fished and toured with us so far this season for talking the time to come down, and to my excellent friend Dave Teffeteller for all his hard work in putting those trips together for them from the office up north and then helping out with organization, hosting, puppy delivery/midwifing and fishing companionship from the office down here last month. Come back Dave! There have been too many great moments out on the water to even try and list them all on the blog individually, so I'll let this minimal photo montage speak for itself. Everybody be good up there, and send me an email this week while I'm in Esquel to receive it; I look forward to hearing from you all soon.