January 15, 2010
New Water (There’s still so much of it…)

There is little more that a fly fisherman can ask for in life than to explore new water and find big fish, especially where they are least expected.  Today we managed to do just that, putting the float tubes in on a high mountain lake here in Chubut Province (no – I won’t be naming it) which several local guides had assured us held absolutely no fish at all.  As it turns out though, they were wrong, proving once again that no matter how many dead end roads you follow, no matter how many streams you wade, no matter how many lakes and rivers you float, here in Patagonia there is always something new to discover just around the bend.  I will be honest in saying that.  I have no real idea how much the monster pictured here actually weighed.  I had him in my lap only long enough for a couple of quick snapshots before he was sent swimming back into the depths with a cross look on his oversized face; but I will say, he was big.  Big.  Old.  Trout.  No two ways about it.  (That’s a nine weight large arbor reel below next to his head….)