December 10, 2009
Mario’s 1st real fish

I took Mario Garcia, keeper of Cabanas Toldos on Lago 3 and an all around great guy to spend any sort of time with, out on the lake for a bit of fishing this afternoon in the newly arrived Aire raft with its NRS fishing frame.  This is actually the same boat sold by Castaway, just with different markings, and we bought it with the idea that it will be an easy to move around driftboat of sorts, capable of handling heavy whitewater in the areas rivers but also comfortable enough for a calm day of rowing and casting on the lakes.  Today turned out to be mostly calm, that is until Mario hooked a bruiser of a big male brown, which broke the tranquil mood in the boat at least for the time it took to bring the fish to hand.  This photograph is now being printed in Esquel and is soon to hang on the wall behind the counter in Mario’s store at the Cabanas.