February 7, 2011
“Flipside to North America,.. North America do you read me?”

Justin Witt Fly Fishing GuideSorry for the long-time-no-update folks. I’ve been on the water with clients pretty much every day since the first of the year and am just now getting a break to catch up a bit in the office. January was great, with a lot of beautiful fish caught and a lot of good times had, and we’re looking forward to February and March with similar expectations. These photos will give you a few of the highlights in terms of fish, including a native puyen, which we caught with our hands and photographed before releasing.



In other news, the Argentine peso-to-dollar exchange rate has climbed to over 4 to 1, we’ve got elections coming up March 20th in Rio Pico and the campaigns are getting heated, I may or may not have inadvertently adopted a small black dog, and the world’s grown honest.  Just kidding about that last one, unfortunately. Hope to hear from you all soon.