February 11, 2008
Farm work and Bad news

I have moved on across the border again and spent the day working for Betty, a very old, and very nice lady who lives on a chacra the flower garden of which alone is far too big for her to keep up with on her own. So today for eight hours I used this sort of prehistoric "whacking" tool to cut weeds from around flowers and other important plants. She fed me of course, which was also nice. Those of you who pray might include Justin Elliott and his family in your prayers tonight. I got to know Justin a little bit last summer through my association with the McBride family, and he is truly a fine young man. On Saturday he experienced an aneurism or AVM bleed (they are not sure which yet) in the left temporal lobe of his brain. This will sound familiar to quite a few of you; it certainly does to me.  He was flown to Emory University hospital, and is currently undergoing treatment. I will relay news of his condition as it becomes available.