March 1, 2010
Dry Flies and Good Times

Hey Folks! Sorry for the long-time-no-update; Sal Bruno made it down from Delaware last week and we’ve been fishing pretty hard ever since. His first day in we fished the Nilson from its confluence with the Rio Pico back up to the other side of Tres Leones out off the road from Lago Tres. Mostly it was a dry fly affair, with rainbows up to about twenty inches and a few browns that went twenty four eating stimulators and hoppers all the way up. Zach came back in from Esquel while we were out there though, and we all decided that Lago 5 was a good bet that next morning. We ended up putting in on a sheet of glass with bright sun and no wind whatsoever, which made the fishing hard. The good ones tend to stay deep in this lake under those conditions, and it is difficult to get a fly down to them without spooking them with the oars. Sal got a nice brown on a yellow giant though and Zach got a nice one on his dorado fly. I – well, I still got skunked. It is what it is. I did get to go swimming though. The next day we headed over to Pube’s with bright sun but a little bit more wind, and caught quite a few decent fish including the monster brown pictured here which Sal pulled out of one of the spring creeks. Then it was over to Lago 3, which also gave up several very nice fish to the ever reliable Green Giants we threw. Two weeks left to go on this trip and we’ll be fishing almost every day; stay tuned!