December 27, 2009
Christmas with the family, in Argentina

Blessed with my family’s presence for Christmas we spent the holiday out at Cabanas de los Cerezos on Lago 4, halfway between Rio Pico and Las Pampas.  Mike and Erin were up for fishing a bit so we first hit Lago la Pava and Lago 2 in the boat, but the weather wasn’t cooperative so we retreated to Arroyo Negro below Tres Valles ranch.  Mike and Erin both got into some nice browns on stimulators and hoppers, as we made our way up from the lower field stretches into the canyon and up to the falls.  When the weather cleared though it was back out on the lakes, launching the driftboat from Los Cerezos onto Lago 4 where Mike proceeded to catch 17 fish in less than two hours! This strange front we are experiencing closed back in on us though there at the end, and the view looking west towards Lago Verde in Chile communicated in no uncertain terms that it was time for a nice warm fire and some yummy homemade European Hare stew back in the cabin.