February 13, 2008

Spent the last three days working on Betty's place in Los Antigous. Betty is quite old, and despite having two grown sons and a daughter she doesn't get much help with the things that need doing on her property, which once was a thriving chacra but is now sort of fallow due to her husband's death and her children's lack of interest in agriculture. I mostly toiled in ridding her enormous flower garden of encroaching alfalfa, but also ran errands for her in town did other odds and ends type chores. She of course fed me, far, far too much in fact) and told me lots of long stories about the way things used to be. That being done though, I am through with working for a while. It seems like ages since I made any real tracks with the pack or cast a fly, so I am headed back "out".  Not sure of the route yet but will update when I can. Love to all.