April 8, 2008
Autumn leaves, big fish, no trespassing, and a hare

It seems that the weather from Tierra del Fuego has finally followed me up here. The fall foliage has been incredible though. I know this must sound strange to all of you up in the northern hemisphere who are just thawing out after a long hard winter, and I imagine it will be strange for me to return to spring up there in just a few weeks. But down here the cold is coming on, and it is coming fast. Every morning the mountains that surround me are covered in more snow, and the melt line is getting lower and lower by the day. I have started to run into a lot of game up here in the North. The quail are seemingly everywhere; I have seen some red stag too, and finally, after the last three hundred plus missed rock-throws, I have killed a hare. This was a special occasion for me, and necessitated a trip to the market for carrots and onions and garlic and squash.  I am happy to say the stew turned out wonderfully and was a welcome respite from my usual diet or trout,...trout,...trout,... One of the bad things about my northward progress is that I am starting to encounter more and more of these "No Trespassing" signs, not to mention towns that are starting to look a bit like Highlands, North Carolina. Lots of Yankee ex-pats up this way it seems, and something about it is starting to lose a little of the Patagonian charm. Oh well, we'll see.