November 12, 2011
Another Fishing Season Begins

Hi Folks!  I hope you are all doing well up/down/around wherever you are when you receive this.  The only question is - Why aren't you here?  Come on down!

Our fishing season has finally gotten under way in Patagonia, and not one moment too soon.  So my good friend and colleague Emiliano Luro and I celebrated the first day of it after a long Halloween walk-in on a remote pacific drainage we had not previously explored.  For all that I had been pining for autumn since the month of October began, the absolutely beautiful springtime weather and amazing array of budding and flowering plants all around me have finally won me over, and I am into it at last!  We spent the whole first week of season in the back-country with a bit higher water levels and a bit lower water temperatures than we would have liked, but considering the alternatives (like, the office) I really can’t complain.  When we finally walked back out after six days of eating mostly noodles and rice, poor Paulino and the gang at the Boca of the Corcovado had to suffer our Mongol-like invasion, as we set upon their kitchen devouring every leftover scrap of meat in sight.  Luckily, they had cooked up a big asado just the day before, and there was plenty left.  We fished the boca some then, and the bite was pretty good with post-spawn rainbows coming out and big fat lake rainbows cruising their usual circuit, and although I didn’t have my spey rod along with me it sure felt good to get back on top of that rock and swing some flies.  One of the most valuable things that came out of this trip though, to me, is the photography from Emi’s camera.  He shoots with a Nikon he bought a few years ago from none other than one of the most famous fly fishing photographers in the world (a client of his), and since that time I’ve been watching his talent and his mastery of the thing take shape.  I must say now, that process has come along nicely.  Almost all of the photos below in this post are his, and all of these from just the one week out.  Shots from his overall bank of photography are already in use on several websites and in a variety of print medias, and by all indications I think I will be watching his career as a photographer continue to grow.  Anyone interested in seeing more of his work or inquiring about licensing just shoot me an email and I’ll get you in touch right away.  With the season under way now I am back to being on the water most of the time now, but will of course be posting more updates as the weeks progress.  This month we have the editor of the biggest fly fishing magazine in Russia coming in to do a profile on the Rio Pico area and our agency/operation there, and my rowing arms are just getting warmed up nicely for the task.  Yesterday I was out on Laguna Larga, just above Parque Nacional Los Alerces chasing big browns around in the boat, and the tube flies I’ve been tying all winter have been working their magic even better than I had expected them to.  All of you drop me a line when you get a chance; I look forward to hearing from you soon!