October 12, 2010
And now, bees…

Diversification of Portfolio is supposed to be an important part of any investment plan, so I've heard. In that spirit, today I find myself out in the sticks (monte) of Santiago del Estero province scraping old beeswax, honey, and other general bee detritus out of a bunch of wooden bee hives (colmenas) so that they can be loaded into the truck and driven south with us back to Chubut province in Patagonia. Bees will have to be purchased and introduced, which in theory will result in the collection of saleable honey. Fascinating stuff, to me anyway. Bees are really interesting creatures; big complex social structures, organized labor, city-states, of a sort, and a matriarch with a whole team of male concubinos whose entire job in life is to lie around, eat, and service her "needs". Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Look for another post on this subject later in the summer. Also here's a sign I thought was cute, from the bathroom wall of one of the hotels we stayed in recently that apparently sometimes has English speaking tourists come through. Enjoy!